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Team GBT

Elena Chubakova

I’m from Irkutsk. I’m an ecologist, biologist, and a traveller.

I’ve been with GBT since 2002. To begin with I was a volunteer, but since 2005 I’ve been the leader of GBT. For me, GBT is life! Exceptional people, amazing projects, and the most beautiful places in the Baikal region!

I love my family and friends, and love to explore nature.

“It really takes a little bit of craziness to see the stars better...”

Eleanora Eremchenko

Having been with GBT since 2003, I participated in my first projects as a volunteer. I was the Russian coordinator of the international exchange program “Tahoe-Baikal Institute” for four years. Since 2009, I have been the project coordinator for GBT.

I studied to be a biologist, and for me GBT is a genuine ecological organization with active projects and active people. GBT provides the opportunity to learn something new. It changes lives and broadens horizons.

My hobbies are: hiking in the mountains, film studies, cross-country and downhill skiing, music, books and sewing.

“It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”– Gandalf the Grey

Dmitri Chuprikov

I am originally from Angarsk. I wanted to be a biologist in high school, enrolled in college for programming, got a degree in economics and in the end became a tour guide. At the moment, I combine my trips around Baikal with my responsibilities as a project coordinator for Great Baikal Trail.

For me, GBT is a community of good people who do a good, important job, while giving each other a sea of positive energy.

I lead an active lifestyle. I travel, play sports and study foreign languages.

“You don't have to better than everyone. It's enough to be better than you were yesterday.”

Roman Chubakov

Has been with GBT since 2005. Team-leader of GBT’s international projects.

I associate GBT with new people and interesting journeys.

I love active pursuits: hikes in the mountains, snowboarding, freeriding, and skiing.

“Experience is the best teacher in life. True, it comes dearly, but it explains things clearly”

Anna Belova

I grew up in Ust-Ilimsk but now I call Irkutsk ‘home’. By education I’m a linguist and translator, and at the moment I work as an English teacher in a language school.

Summer 2015 will be my 10th year with GBT. I’ve been a volunteer, translator, team-leader, project co-ordinator, and club leader for GBT. These days I deal with everyone who writes to us at projects@greatbaikaltrail.org

I love needlework, taking part in ‘postcrossing’, a postcard crossing project, travelling and learning foreign languages.

“An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances” (an old Chinese proverb)

Varya Konyeva

I’m a graduate and teacher at the Eurasian Linguistic Institute, translator, ambassador for the Council of Europe, and tutor. I’ve been with GBT since 2007. I was a translator on summer projects and seminars, a teacher for the ‘Eco-English’ project, and a guide. Since 2011 I’ve been co-ordinator of educational projects: alongside a team of volunteers we hold outreach activities for children and organise a children’s forum all about ecology and human rights called ‘Winds of Change’. GBT gives me an opportunity to live a genuine life and to do some good for the place I consider my home. For me the whole thing is characterised in two words: love and simplicity.

I love to travel, draw and rock ‘n’ roll.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

Igor Dets

I was born in Irkutsk. I work as a researcher at the Institute of Geography, and meanwhile I’ve achieved a number of things: summer projects and educational ones, moving with GBT from office to office, and meeting a multitude of amazing volunteers, both Russian and foreign, amongst whom I’ve found many friends. I hope that the future will be just as exciting!

As for my hobbies: I love anything that makes me laugh.

“Look both ways when crossing the road.”

Vladimir Hidekel

I was born in Angarsk, and now work in Irkutsk as the scientific coworker-grantee of the Hunting Museum at Irkutsk State Agricultural University's Institute for Natural Resource Usage.

I have been with the interregional social organization GBT since 2003, participating in my first projects as a volunteer and translator, and then from 2003 through 2013 as a brigadier and specialist-consultant on trail construction for summer volunteer projects. From 2005 to 2009 I was the the coordinator of GBT's education programs.

My hobbies are: science, ornithology, bird watching and latin dance.

“Think globally, act locally.”

Evgeny Maryasov

I helped to build the BAM (Baikal Amur Magistral), and now GBT. I was born in Tomsk. I’m a builder-engineer, social-cultural manager, participant in a North Baikal building project, organiser with tour-club ‘Davan’, former director of the municipal School of Eco-tourism education.

GBT is the love of my life. It’s given me something important to do, many brilliant events, meetings and friends, a profession in eco-tourism, and values that I share with my children. For me, taking part in GBT will never get old.

Everything that’s been best in my life has been to do with tourism and travelling, including GBT.

“Happy are those who love what they do.”

Natasha Tugutkhonova

I was born and raised in a tiny village called Yenisey. I graduated from Irkusk Linguistic University and now work at another university.

During my school years I had two dreams – to go hiking and to be at Lake Baikal. At GBT, where I’ve been for almost 6 years now, both my dreams have been realised in an amazing way. GBT’s given me not only the opportunity to see the most beautiful parts of our native region, find friends from all corners of the world, gain lots of useful knowledge, but it’s also give me more confidence in myself, made me more sociable and less afraid of change.

I love to read and watch good films, take photographs and cook sweet pies!

“Rejoice in every day. Don’t save things for a special occasion, because every day that you are alive is special.”

Sabina Dets

I am a student in the geography faculty at the Irkutsk State university. GBT is very valuable to me, and this has a lot to do with the people who time and time again bravely ‘cross our threshold’, so to speak! Maybe they come just the once, or maybe they stay a while, but they come to make a little impact, and I like that.

I am a big fan of films, music and of course hiking.

“If you drink tea for a long time, you'll grow wings.”

Zarina Mullagaleyeva

My name is Zarina and I’m from Irkutsk. At the moment I’m a student.

GBT has helped me believe in myself: while testeing my strength trying to help in some way on the trails, perhaps on one of the children’s outreach programme or a summer project, I’ve joyfully realised ‘hmmm, I can do this!’. Now I don’t want to stop, and I think there’s lots more I can do to help.

My interests include handicrafts, ethnology, good books, hiking, Baikal, nature, meditation, ice-skating, coin collecting, dogs, and loving life!

“Each living day cannot be returned or exchanged!”

Roma Mikhailov

I’m from Angarsk. I’ve been a volunteer with GBT since 2013. Thanks to GBT I did a six-month internship with Earth Corps in Seattle, and gained lots of experiences and ideas. I love GBT and its people because of everything they can offer me, and everything I can share with them!

I enjoy all types of hiking, explorations into nature, interesting people, interesting conversations and events. I also love organising events and making an impact on people, making them feel wonderful emotions! That’s precisely why I got involved with GBT.

“I believe all will happen in good time, for those who are prepared to wait.”

Anna Maslennikova

I work as a journalist - I’m the main editor at the magazine “Dyelo” and also a teacher – I lead classes with students at the journalism faculty of БГУЭП – Baikal University of Economics.

I’ve been with GBT since 2013 and I take part in the educational projects. In summer 2014 I also tried my hand at being a translator. For me GBT is most of all about the people. They are wonderful, humane, kind and genuine.

I love to read, I sometimes do cross-stitching, and I’m a longstanding fan of the Irkutsk drama theatre.

“Lucky is he who believes himself to be lucky”

Dasha Tyerpilovskaya

I’ve lived in many towns, but finally I’ve settled in Irkutsk. By education I’m a chemist/linguist, and I work as a translator and editor of scientific articles.

I came across GBT by chance as a translator in 2013 and my life hasn’t been the same since! For me GBT is first and foremost about the wonderful, compassionate and genuine people. It’s also all about the incredible magnetism of the untouched corners of Baikal’s landscapes and the opportunity to contribute to their conservation.

I love expeditions of all kinds – walking and cycling, in the mountains or on the ice. I also love skiing and figure skating.

“In life you only need to do that which is easy, but do it with all your might.”

Natalya Ivanova

I’m from Irkutsk and I’m a manager.

I’ve experienced many good things in my life, but things are always becoming better over the years. GBT is all about discovery, gaining greater knowledge, skills and wisdom. With GBT my positive qualities and my thirst for knowledge have both flourished.

My hobbies include travelling and sport.

“I live for what makes me happy. I live to make others happy. I live to consider the stars in the sky. I live to become a bird, to fly. I live to feel, to love. I live, quite simply, to LIVE!”

Ivan Levchuk

I am originally from the small town of Nizhneudinsk. I am a medical worker, a hiker and a lover of active recreation.

I have been with GBT since August of 2014. I became acquainted with GBT as a volunteer on the “Giants of the Siberian Taiga” project. I am part of GBT today because those two weeks of the project brought me much in the way of personal development. GBT is now a part of my life.

“I am not a lover of staying home. I love any movement – except hunger strikes.”